Mistress Nora
TeamViewer RipOff
TeamViewer RipOff

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You were stupid enough asking me for a TeamViewer session? Your horniness didn’t allow for a clear thought again? Good losercock…haha---and now you are utterly ruined and totally at my mercy? Well, bad luck, stupid pea brain, you should have thought of that earlier! Now, thanks to TeamViewer, I have copied all your data off your computer. Every rotten picture, every secret mail account, every trip to a Hooker, every tax evasion, every nude pic of your wifeslut…everything. Every embarrassing detail of your life, I now have spied upon and copied. I now know everything there is to know about you and I can ruin you with just a snap of my fingers. If you don’t want to end up flat broke under a bridge, you will obey and function for me! From now on until the end of your loser life you will fulfill my very perverted wish without blinking an eye. I will pluck you like a Christmas goose, squeeze you like a lemon. You will suffer for me and my luxurious life style. You’ll be glad if I leave you enough money to eat dry noodles. Ain’t that hot, you stupid slave ?