Mistress Nora
Paying me leads to long lasting erections!
Paying me leads to long lasting erections!

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Pay – be horny – repeat! Being allowed to pay to such a phenomenal, succesful, dominant lady like me will inevitably lead to long lasting erections. Just imagine me buying a pair of new short hotpants with your money! Slipping into dirt-expensive nylons or buying Louboutin high Heels for 600 Dollar. All from your money! The best is just good enough for me and you’re getting off on me squandering your money. I’ll burn your money with my girlfriends in champagne bars or book an expensive hotel room for me and my lover at your expense! All these things you’ll never be able to afford. Be thankful I let you jerk-off and even stoop down to telling you what I am doing with you money, you inferior little purse! Now go on: pay – be horny – repeat and repeat and repeat…