Mistress Nora
Losertax April
Losertax April

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You have waited longingly to pay your monthly idiot’s tax to me, haven’t you, ugly loser? This April too, I will squeeze you like a lemon. Believe me, I will get the last out of you and your purse. You know, that your loser money suits me much better than it suits you and I know a lot better things to do with it! Be happy and thankful to pay this idiot’s tax to me every month. Go on and double, better yet triple the amount of this loser tax! You can do so right here: use the MarkUp Code: LosertaxApril. The more you pay to me, the bigger my smile will be. I am very generous, you’re even allowed to play with your tiny prick! Of course we both know: if the blood´s rushing through your dick, rather than your brain, you’re more likely to spend more… haha