Mistress Nora
Dropping out: live in my basement!
Dropping out: live in my basement!

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How often have you thought about belonging to me completely? Leaving your old life behind and devote your body and soul to me for the rest of your days? NO POSSIBILITY OF LEAVING! Well slave, now I have the perfect solution for you: I’ll pick you up and you will spend the rest of your life in the basement of my luxurious estate! I will take care of you disappearing off the radar, with nobody to miss you or ever finding you again. All your belongings I will sell at a profit, your bank accounts and insurances will be liquidated. Your phone’s SIM card will be flushed down the toilet. Your car and possible realty will be sold. All your papers and documents will be taken into my custody. It shall be as if you’d never existed. Now don’t think you’ll be lazy, relaxing in my basement! Depending on your predisposition, you will work for me, earning money for my luxury! Whether you’ll clean my house as a sissy maid, be lent to horny cunts and bulls or serve me as a human toilet – it all comes down to your nature! If you’re very obedient, I will hold you with one of my female slaves in the basement…

You better be thankful, I’m administering to your needs!