Mistress Nora
Blackmail – your first debt
Blackmail  – your first debt

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This is the best feeling of your previous loser life, isn’t it? Finally, you couldn’t stop yourself from making the first debt for me, your brainfucking money dom. Seductively and successfully I caught you in my Blackmail Fantasy trap. That’s my good boy! You’ve made your start. I will see to it, that you’ll fall for me more and more. Little by little, piece by piece, I will seize complete control over your life. Don’t worry, I will make sure that you’ll never escape from my Blackmail Fantasy trap. I will spin my web tighter around you and soon you will have to sign an even more devious blackmailing contract. I won’t leave you another choice. I will spy on your whole life and don’t you dare not obeying, Blackmail Fantasy pig! You don’t want me to ruin your whole life, do you sonny? There’s nothing you can do but obeying me!