Mistress Nora
App-controlled orgasm
App-controlled orgasm

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App-controlled horniness! From now on I am your mistress, ruling over your lewdness and your orgasm at the press of a button. Regardless on where on this world you are right now and what you’re doing. You buy this remote-controlled toy and then you’ll message me in my chat, so we can discuss your new “always-horny-education”. As a toll for me controlling your horniness, you will pay 200 euros a month to me.How exactly this will work and what awaits you in your future, you will learn in this clip! Just imagine: you are sitting in a meeting and I start your remote-controlled plug. I love taking complete control of your horniness and my perverted ideas know no limits. Once subjected to my hot app-control, you will be my constantly horny, jerking puppet!