Mistress Nora
Mistress Nora
Written on 25.10.2018 at 01:02 by Mistress Nora

I am about 5 times a week online, usually between about 21-24 (MEZ) o´clock in my chat / webcam online. Just write me in the chat and ask if I'm free for a cam session! You can write without obligation with me, or get an education in the chat from me! In general, I expect that slaves regularly - best to contact me daily - but at least at regular intervals. For a message in the chat you will be deducted $ 1.99 * per message to Tribute! Webcamsessions are usually possible from about 21-24 clock (MEZ). A private camsession in which I take care of ONLY & EXCLUSIVELY starts from $ 5.99 per minute.

* For PayPigs & Loser my rates are of course adjusted accordingly to the top, more is always possible .... haha ​​... as well for special requests (bikini, topless, NS & KV, Cuckold, hypnotherapy, etc.) & preferences!


Camsessions are also possible during the day, as long as I have time and you make an appointment with me at least 24 hours before. In my webcam we are always alone, I always send with sound in HD quality and I look stunning! Since I have a lot to do and have a lot of cam sessions have the following principle: "Who first reserved, come first!"

In my webcam education you experience what it feels like to be raised by me. I consistently introduce you to your slave role. It will show you what I expect from you as my slave. Even experienced slaves can find their fulfillment in my webcam education with me. Curious? Then contact me and ask for slave-friendly treatment!

You have the opportunity to turn on your cam, so I can see you too. Are you too shy, or have no webcam you can just watch me. You can chat with me and I'll tell you what to do. Totally anonymous!

Best you write me briefly in the chat and arrange a camsession with me!

The following equipment (if available) may you prepare for your great online education:

own webcam, masks, latex / satin / leather etc. clothes, toothpaste, chillies, ginger, poppers, alcohol, candles, stockings, cigarettes, lace, clothespins, articles from my shop, electric toothbrush, dildos & plugs, funnels, rice, Collar, lipstick, clothespins, whips, cooking spoons, ruler, editing, other equipment which you own ...

I basically always send with sound and you can listen to my erotic, dominant voice and completely succumb to me!


What are you waiting for? Come now in my Domina & Fetischwebcam!

Mistress Nora
Written on 09.09.2018 at 17:16 by Mistress Nora

All my slaves, admirers and pay pigs have to pamper me for my birthday on September 24th! You can send me tribute, cash letters (PF0035, 1070 Vienna), Amazon vouchers as well as gifts from my Amazon wishlist, you can find the lists here on my page!

Furthermore, I expect that my birthday videos are bought diligently!

If you have any questions, you can call me in my hotline, or contact me in the chat! In Vienna and Munich or Ulm birthday parties will take place, to which my brave slaves and pay pigs may prepare to lay me personal gifts and cash letters to my irresistible feet. Applications are now possible in chat. More information about my exclusive birthday parties coming soon!

Mistress Nora
Written on 23.08.2018 at 17:44 by Mistress Nora

My slave people, your mistress is back from her luxury vacation! I wish that all of you send me tributes diligently, download my brainfucking videos and write me nicely in chat! It is your job to overflow with money and pamper me.


Dominant Greetings Goddess Nora Marinelli

Mistress Nora
Written on 20.07.2018 at 02:03 by Mistress Nora

After long wait for my good slaves here are finally the much awaited next Germany & Switzerland dates:

28.07. - 10.08.18 Liechtenstein, Vorarlberg (A) & Innsbruck (A), Zurich & Eastern Switzerland (CH), Munich & Ulm (D), dates are flexible on all these days possible, a timely reservation is necessary, appointments are in a dungeon ( not everywhere, only on request!) and in the hotel possible, as well as dinner dates & outdoor sessions!

Requests will be accepted ONLY via my chat! First charge Coins and then beg in the chat that I grant you audience!



Mistress Nora
Written on 17.07.2018 at 19:09 by Mistress Nora

Finally, the credit card payment was unlocked - yeeeaaahhh. This means that you can finally pay with credit cards too. What are you waiting for, slave? Shower me with tributes, spoil your mistress, charge and buy all my movies. Serve your goddess!


Dominant Greetings Mistress Nora Marinelli